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Purchase tickets for your favorite charity and enter them into the Sparo lottery for a chance to win big.


Lifting the Veil

Please help us raise funds for survivors of human trafficking both here in the United States and across the globe. Your generous contributions will go towards scholarships for the education needs of survivors. In addition, your donations will allow us to place survivors in meaningful jobs across the U.S. so as to allow them to start a new chapter in their lives. And finally, we will deploy your financial support to build a community portal that can support survivors in other ways such as online therapy sessions
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How Sparo Works

When you donate through Sparo, 25% will go directly to the charity you select, 40% will go into the Sparo Sweepstakes pot and 20% will go into the Sparo Rewards pot.

Find Your Charity

1. Find Your Charity

Choose your favorite local, national, or international charity that you believe is deserving of the jackpot.

Purchase Sweepstakes Ticket

2. Purchase Sweepstakes Ticket

Purchase sweepstakes ticket(s) for the charity that you have selected to enter into the Sparo Sweepstakes.

Watch the Sweepstakes Drawing

3. Watch the Sweepstakes Drawing

Watch for our drawing announcement and see which charity chosen as the winner of the Jackpot.

Play Again

4. Play Again

Charities win when you play in the Sparo Sweepstakes. Play, see the impact your dollars make, and play again!

Are you a charity?

Join the growing list of charities that are elligible to win big!


The Sparo Sweepstakes is a really exciting new concept. It has the potential to unleash generosity by multiplying the impact of any one donation.

Tim Wiley

Network for Good

Sparo’s new platform will allow us to obtain new donors that support our mission. On the plus side, we have a great relationship with them, they understand our needs and they believe in our mission.
Maryland Food Bank

Nancy Smith

Maryland Food Bank

Sparo's innovative new platform has the potential to transform fundraising and raise significant new donations for non-profits that will enable them to fulfill their missions more effectively.

David Litwack

Save a Child’s Heart


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